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Enter Serenity Properties and Maintain Long Term Recovery

Serenity Properties are designed to help those recovering from various addictions maintain long term recovery. After all that's what really counts; maintaining long term recovery should be the primary objective of all recovering addicts and alcoholics. Although relapse does occur, daily meetings and other treatments help avoid relapses. In addition, the recovering addict must be willing to make the necessary changes. In some cases it goes beyond a stay in a Serenity House to changing jobs, leaving dysfunctional or unhealthy relationships and even altering living environments.

The environment an addict or alcoholic surrounds themselves with plays a significant role in avoiding or moving toward relapse. Sometimes the recovering addict needs to avoid "old friends" and develop a new support system .Other recovering addicts may need to reside in a recovery friendly environment, like a recovery house, for a few months while putting into practice what they have learned.

Recovery is Fragile Serenity Properties Can Help

The challenges associated with living in the "real world" are significant and early recovery is extremely fragile. It takes very little to trigger the desire to use drugs or drink. The idea of returning to a recovery house that provides a supportive environment each day offers the recovering person a sense of security. While a family can be supportive, there is nothing like the support that one addict or alcoholic can provide to another in a recovery house.

Recovery Houses are an Integral Part of the Treatment Process

Historically, recovery housing were found in the less desirable parts of town, surrounded by drugs and crime. Not the ideal setting for the recovering person. Today, recovery houses have become an integral part of the addiction treatment and recovery process. Many are located in neighborhoods conducive to maintaining recovery, well managed and work in conjunction with many of the treatment and social service agencies in their area. While there are still houses that leave a lot to be desired, this aspect of treatment and recovery has come full circle.

Do not confuse a recovery house with treatment, it is not. A recovery house is only a clean and sober environment, where recovering people can continue their recovery. If the person is still drinking or using drugs, they will probably need treatment first.

For additional information on recovery housing, or locating effective addiction treatment programs call Serenity Properties at 302-228-1047 for Mens Homes - or 302-258-3086 for Womens Homes and we will be happy to assist you.