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About Serenity Properties

A serious take on Recovery!

Owner of Serenity Properties, Rick Greenberg has been in the recovery community for over 30 years! Later on Rick decided to give back to the community by starting recovery homes for individuals that struggled with drugs and alcohol.
The results speak for themselves! Serenity Properties has helped 100’s of people from the region find stable recovery housing and live a clean and sober life. Counseling and meetings are a daily part of a users life after they become affiliated with Serenity Properties. Many of them have found brother and sister like qualities in the people they share their lives with. Serenity Properties is well known in the area due to this fact and also prides itself on it’s reputation of the most successful recover homes in the area.
His understanding of drug addicts and alcoholics have helped create a great environment for people who struggle with these issues, and offers people a second chance at bettering their own life.
Rick maintains good communications with the tenants to ensure a good healthy environment that everyone can enjoy. He personally takes this responsibility on, and is also very active in helping others with a desire to improve their lives to achieve these goals. This personal approach sets Serenity Properties apart from all other recovery homes in the area. They understand the complexities of an addiction and what’s required to really treat them, and not just accommodate a sick person. When you come to Serenity Properties you will see that this is a very serious program in combination with unrivaled support.

Rick Greenberg, Founder of Serenity Properties LLC