House Rules


1. Each person is required to stay drug and alcohol free. Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal.

2. House manager must be informed of all medications being taken (prescription or non-prescription). Mood altering/psychoactive medications may not be taken by residents of the house.Residents may not use medications and products that contain alcohol and may be taken internally (such as mouthwash or cough syrup).

3. Urinalysis may be conducted at anytime, for any reason. Failure to comply in a timely manner will be considered a positive reading, resulting in immediate discharge.

4. Anyone involved in violent acts or threatening to use violence will be discharged immediately. This includes violence outside of the house.

5. No weapons of any kind are permitted in the house.

6. Everyone must be in the house by 10:00pm weekdays, 12:00 midnight weekends.

7. Everyone in the house will be assigned a chore which is to be done every day. All members are responsible to clean their own living and eating areas.

8. Lights and television are to be turned off when leaving a room.

9. Laundry is to be done during the appropriate hours determined by the house members.

10. No smoking in any of the homes. Smoking is allowed on porches and designated areas.

11. No females are permitted in the men’s houses and no men are permitted in the women’s houses.

12. Sexual acts are strictly prohibited in the house.

13. Pornography is not permitted in the house at any time. Residents are not permitted to engage in gambling of any kind.

14. All house meetings and house functions are mandatory.

15. Each person is responsible for their own rent and back balance. Failure to stay current with rent balance may result in dismissal. Members are required to become employed within two weeks of entering house. Employment shall be first shift (daytime) hours only. Anyone who is not employed (or legitimately excused from working) must be out looking for work during daytime hours. There will be no television watching or sleeping permitted during the day by anyone who is not employed. Failure to comply may result in dismissal.

16. If you leave or are dismissed prematurely, all previously paid money will be forfeited.

17. All new members will be subject to a thirty day probationary period along with a thirty day orientation (blackout) period. During orientation, you may leave the house alone only to go to work or to find work. New members will progress from orientation after thirty days only if they meet this criteria:

1) Must have a sponsor.
2) Must have a home group (AA, NA, CA).
3) Must be employed, full time.

18. Overnight passes must be requested 48 hours in advance — one overnight every other week. You must leave a phone number where you can be contacted. You must always call the house when you are away for more than twelve (12) hours.

19. Everyone should attend as many AA/NA/CDA meetings as possible. All members with less than 30 days in the house are required to attend at least one meeting per day with a senior member of his house. After orientation, all members must attend at least four meetings per week. At least two of these meetings must be with members of his house or (with manager’s permission) another house within Serenity Properties.